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    Welcome to Casesmith Customs! Our site is devoted to building high quality professional equipment for the most demanding musicians. To the left is our modern looking rack case built with quality cabinet grade 3/4 plywood. Shown here as a one of our signature rack cases includes black     powder  coat steal rack rails and non-slip rubber feet. The case comes with many options such as black or nickel hardware which include industry       standard corner protectors. We have access to a huge choice of orginal Tolex textures and colors. Casesmith Customs uses the vintage and modern  classics  seen by top amplifier manufactures such as Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange and Vox, the options are infinite! We stock the same  handles,  corner protectors and more so you can build rack cases to match your gear to a Tee! Our rack cases are inspired from classic     ideas and  looks with  modern touches. You can create your own ideas for a unique one off case or mimic gear you have to get a perfect match!       Casesmith Customs can get the genuine parts from top manufactures in the industry and add them per request. That perfect piece of gear you always wanted is now a possibility!





Our site has great resources for helping find what you may want. The gallery of images shows many of our different cases in a variety of Tolex, hardware and style options. In the options section you can see the different hardware such as corner protectors and handles we have available. Choose a product from our menu and select from the different options to build your new gear!






Choices are only limited to your own ideas and style!






  The Tolex covering choices of Black Bronco and Black Elephant are among the most common of amps and cabs. Bronco is seen commonly by both Marshall and Fender over the years, while the elephant textured Tolex remains a signature of Marshall amps. Other popular and standard covering include white and red Bronco used and signature Marshall amps and heads. Fender added this uniqueness with their "blonde" amp and head styles which uses a Rough Blonde finish (often referenced as Blonde Nubtex). Fender has used real tweed fabric for coverings over standard Tolex which we always have available at extra cost. Over the years, many more boutique amplifier companies came to market. Each explored their own unique styles of coverings, corner protectors, case styling and handles. The more modern and popular styles of Tolex include "Panama" texture Tolex. This is used by "Orange" and "Vox" in color choice of orange and black. Orange Amplifiers followed Marshall's lead with "beefing" up their cabs to create a more modern look. Marshall Added a heavy 3/4 inch radius corners to add a strong look and signature style. Orange thickened up their edges by 3/4 of an inch and added a chamfered inside edge. Lastly, the popular and innovative Mesa/Boogie amps stayed with the traditions of Fender and Marshall's use of Bronco style Tolex coverings and incorporated a more genuine smooth leather texture of black Taurus. 




  Black hardware is always a hugely popular choice. This 4u modern style features industry standard "lipped" black corner protectors made of steel to assure your gear doesn't get dinged or harmed. The unit is a white Bronco Tolex with side flat strap handles. Handles can either be placed centered on top or optional side handles are always possible. Black hardware units typically comes with a black extra wide strap handle, black Fender style handle or an Ampeg heavy black leather handle. More hardware and handle options such as nickel finish can be seen in the gallery section of the site. With year of professional woodworking experience and a love for music gear we are sure to meet your needs!


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...I have recently acquired two full size Korg Oasys (88 key) synthesizers and once again I was wondering if you good folks could custom make 2 identical black tolex cases in the style of the two eleven rack/fractal cases you made for me before, I cannot find a good flight case anywhere online for them and the one I could find is plastic and generic looking, very cheap looking! 


This case is absolutely stunning!!!!! Built so well! I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail! When people see it and asks me who made it I will make sure to send them your way! Thank you again.   Erik H.

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