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Typically between 3-7 days before an product is shipped out. If there is a delay or a back up a notice will be posted across the site showing a delay from this turnaround time. For more common cases such as standard black 2u, 4u and 6u cases turnaround times are quicker than for more custom cases and options. These more custom cases will be closer to the 5-7 day turnaround time.
We are located in the Northeast United States.  Typically shipping  times are 2-5 days.  The further west the longer shipping times will  take for completed delivery.
A tracking number and URL link to the tracking will be sent via email once a shipment label has been created.  The status of your order will be changed from the initial order "confirmed" to order "shipped" status.
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Style Options and Gallery for Amp Cases


This page was created to let customers take a look at the many different option for amp cases and rack mount cases which are available. Check out the different Tolex covering colors and textures, from industry standards such as "black bronco" to unique choices such as "brown crocodile skin". Check out some of the different handle options which come in nickel finish or a black finish and can be mounted to the top of the amp case or even on the sides for easy handling. Any customized options can be possible with a simple email , feel free to ask about any ideas you may have! Check out our amp cases gallery to see how different hardware choices and Tolex choices look on our different style rack cases!



A Gallery of Custom Amp Cases 



 Here is our page dedicated to many of our custom works.  Some of these custom amp cases were design by Casesmithcustoms and some were ideas from customers.  This page is updated often and a great place to get ideas or see how certain Tolex colors and textures will look with different hardware options.  Casesmithcustoms is able to make any style or type of case imaginable as a "one off" or perhaps to exact match existing  gear such as a head or cab.  If there is anything in particular you need in custom amp cases just shoot us an email and ask!  



 tooled leather 4u


Modern Rack Case


Modern Rack Case


















Marshall Tolex: Bronco and Elephant
Fender Tolex: Bronco and Nubtex (Blondes)
Mesa/Boogie Tolex: Bronco and Taurus
Vox & Orange: Tolex Panama




                   Black Bronco


                   White Bronco


                      Red Bronco



                   Black Elephant


                    Black Nubtex


                   Blonde Nubtex



                 Black Panama 


                  Orange Panama

 rsz blackcarbonfiber2

                Black Carbon Fiber



          Brown Country Western 



 rsz brownalligater3

                      Brown Gator


rsz blacktaurus

                      Black Taurus

rsz winetaurus

                     Wine Taurus

rsz indigopython

                   Indigo Python

rsz burgandypythonsnakeskin

                Burgandy Python

rsz electricbluepythonsnakeskin

           Electric Blue Python

rsz purplehazepythonsnakeskin

              Purple Haze Python 

rsz applegreenbronco

Apple Green Bronco 

rsz britishcocoabronco

British Cocoa Bronco 

rsz britishemeraldbronco

British Emerald Bronco

rsz orangenubtex

Orange Nubtex

rsz purplebronco

Purple Bronco 

rsz regencybluebronco

Regency Blue Bronco

rsz seafoamgreenbronco

Seafoam Green Bronco

rsz blackcarbonfiber2

Black Carbon Fiber

rsz pinkbronco

Pink Bronco

rsz zebra

Zebra Stripe

rsz goldbronco

Gold Bronco

rsz gunmetlacarbonfiber

Gun Metal Carbon Fiber


Charcoal Tweed

rsz burgandycarbonfiber

Carbon Fiber



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Customer Reviews

...I have recently acquired two full size Korg Oasys (88 key) synthesizers and once again I was wondering if you good folks could custom make 2 identical black tolex cases in the style of the two eleven rack/fractal cases you made for me before, I cannot find a good flight case anywhere online for them and the one I could find is plastic and generic looking, very cheap looking! 


This case is absolutely stunning!!!!! Built so well! I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail! When people see it and asks me who made it I will make sure to send them your way! Thank you again.   Erik H.

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