Modern Rack Cases

$149.99 each

A Modern Style for a Beefed up Look representing the beginning era of modern British amps! The edges are twice the size around the front edge with a big 1/2 inch round-over. This build up provides a unique style for rack cases and an choice for matching with different gear! The case is available in a 3/4" round-over with black plastic corner protectors (shown) to help match different British style modern amps!


*** Does not inlcude rack screws and washers,

Modern Rack Case

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...I have recently acquired two full size Korg Oasys (88 key) synthesizers and once again I was wondering if you good folks could custom make 2 identical black tolex cases in the style of the two eleven rack/fractal cases you made for me before, I cannot find a good flight case anywhere online for them and the one I could find is plastic and generic looking, very cheap looking! 


This case is absolutely stunning!!!!! Built so well! I couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail! When people see it and asks me who made it I will make sure to send them your way! Thank you again.   Erik H.

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